Victoria Golden

Two hundred reader-tested answers to the question “What have you read that’s good?” 

The Readers’ Choice was the first book to feature titles based on the recommendations of multiple book clubs. A collection of two hundred favorites of more than seventy reading groups in various parts of the nation, it’s ideal for book group members looking for a good read, busy people seeking enjoyable books outside the bestseller lists, or anyone who wants to read more but isn't sure where to start.

Combining her skills as a book reviewer and a veteran book group member, Victoria Golden (McMains) provides brief, captivating profiles of a diverse mix of fiction and nonfiction. There are love stories and war stories, fantasy and political intrigue, biography and nature—and much more. Each profile highlights the unique traits of the book and ends with a few questions for group favorites as well as little-known gems that have been discovered and treasured. Indexes organize the entries by title and subject matter, helping readers find books that appeal to their interest. To learn the easy essentials of starting a book club, check out the introduction.

A handy new guide for book lovers everywhere . . . [featuring] a good blend of fiction and nonfiction, classics, relatively unknown regional writers, and the occasional best seller. . . . The book’s strength is that it reminds serious readers of books that they have loved and/or always meant to read.
Library Journal
The Reader’s Choice is a treasury of 200 book club favorites and provides a set of ‘top picks’ by over 70 reading groups and clubs across the country, from Oprah and NPR to regional book clubs. Selections avoid best-seller top lists and provide ‘midlist’, thoughtful books in a range of themes and subjects. Recommended for book enthusiasts seeking something other than the Top 10.
Midwest Book Review