Victoria Golden

Praise for A Last Survivor of the Orphan Trains

...The memoir’s episodic nature is balanced by Golden’s analysis in alternating chapters. Walters narrates past events, while Golden discloses future events by means of dialectic prose and how they inform Walters’ character. This alternating time sequence not only provides a satisfying organizational rhythm but produces a noteworthy sense of dramatic irony... This outstanding memoir is a fully-realized treasure.
— Eric McDowell, the US Review of Books. RECOMMENDED by the US Review

“I was so moved by A Last Survivor of the Orphan Trains and by William’s experiences. He was put on a train with no supervision, no oversight, and given away to the first people who claimed him. A story of heartbreak and resilience . . .”


“… a refreshing take on what seems to be a lesser-known historical matter. Oscillating between two voices—the authorial ‘I’ and a Brechtian narrator—this work of oral history chronicles the life of William Walters, a homeless boy since he was orphaned at age four, and his journeys—by choice, by chance, or against his own will—after being put on one of the Orphan Trains heading for the Southwest. This memoir successfully shuns the exaggerative epic by staying life size in portrayed details and emotions. Overall, the language is clear and its voice convincing. Historical contexts are sufficiently furnished within the narratives.”

—The Eric Hoffer Awards

“This is a powerfully emotive story, inspiring and motivational in its message that keeping going and being resilient pays off, even when the world is unspeakably cruel. Author Victoria Golden works well with William Walters’ story, and the two together make an epic and detailed journey through the Depression, the Second World War and almost right up to present day history as William’s life unfolds… Despite his terrible experiences, William’s own inner strength and belief in a better future make him an admirable hero against the odds. A Last Survivor of the Orphan Trains is an excellent memoir, highly recommended.”

—K.C.Finn for Readers’ favorite book reviews

Praise for The Readers’ Choice: 200 Book Club Favorites

A handy new guide for book lovers everywhere . . . [featuring] a good blend of fiction and nonfiction, classics, relatively unknown regional writers, and the occasional best seller . . . The book’s strength is that it reminds serious readers of books that they have loved and/or always meant to read.
Library Journal
The Readers’ Choice is a treasury of 200 book club favorites and provides a set of ‘top picks’ by over 70 reading groups and clubs across the country, from Oprah and NPR to regional book clubs. Selections avoid best-seller top lists and provide ‘midlist,’ thoughtful books in a range of themes and subjects. Recommended for book enthusiasts seeking something other than the Top 10.
Midwest Book Review

Praise for Independent Photography: A Biased Guide to 35mm Technique and Equipment for the Beginner, the Student, and the Artist

Freelance photojournalist Robert Foothorap concentrates on the ‘How’ in his book Independent Photography, written with Vickie Golden (Straight Arrow Books, Simon and Schuster). Although Mr. Foothorap assumes he is addressing beginners, his book does not insult their intelligence. Written in a clear, intelligent style . . . well-presented.
— Ursula Mahoney, “Camera View,” The New York Times
Perhaps the smartest thing that Foothorap did was to choose as a working partner in the book a person who had an extraordinary competency for organization and editing, but who knew nothing about photography. It was Vickie Golden’s task to put the material in logical sequence, and Foothorap’s to make it all understandable to Vickie. Their efforts may save beginning photographers years of frustration and provide future instructors with a format for demystifying photography.
— Anne C. Dowie, Communications Arts Magazine