Victoria Golden

For the Beginner, the Student, and the Artist

“Foothorap is a professional photographer who has the rare ability—rare for those in the graphic arts—to write with simplicity, clarity, and great charm. Without being the slightest bit patronizing, he starts from the premise that the reader knows nothing and begins with the very basic but critical instruction on the proper way to hold the camera. He further explains what takes place chemically within the film when it’s exposed to light and the resultant effect of the developer. And suddenly a lot of things make sense: like grain structure, and density, and why you should expose for the shadows and develop for the highlights. Once this is made clear, even the very complicated Zone System becomes logical and simple.”

—Anne C. Dowie, Communications Arts Magazine

Perhaps the smartest thing that Foothorap did was to choose as a working partner in the book a person who had an extraordinary competency for organization and editing, but who knew nothing about photography. It was Vickie Golden’s task to put the material in logical sequence, and Foothorap’s to make it all understandable to Vickie. Their efforts may save beginning photographers years of frustration and provide future instructors with a format for demystifying photography.
— Anne C. Dowie, Communications Arts Magazine

“Freelance photojournalist Robert Foothorap concentrates on the ‘How’ in his book Independent Photography,, written with Vickie Golden (Straight Arrow Books, Simon and Schuster) . . . Although Mr. Foothorap assumes he is addressing beginners, his book does not insult their intelligence. Written in a clear, intelligent style . . . well-presented.”

— Ursula Mahoney, “Camera View,” The New York Times